Hunting & area information

Orange River Hunting & Safari’s offers hunters a unique African hunting experience in the arid Kalahari. We operate on two conservation concessions, the Dabeb and Toevlug, which are part of a much larger conservation area in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

The area stretches over 20 000ha and is filled with diverse wildlife populations. We employ hunting as a sustainable conservation practice, to ensure sustainable breeding and maintain healthy animal populations. Hunters will be treated to a real African hunting experience here at Orange River Hunting & Safari’s.

Trophy animals are sourced from the private conservation area that is home to one of the top game breeders in South Africa. Trophy animals on both concessions are selected from the highest quality breeding populations that are in excess. All game animals roam free and the entire area, allows animals to migrate from one location to another. Various animal and bird species are available for hunting and to enable our visitors to have the best African hunting safari, we have ensured that there are plenty of quality trophy animals available for every hunter.

Daily Hunting/Non – Hunting Rates

$49 – Hunters per person
$31 – Non – Hunters/ Visitor / Observer per person
$183 – Less than 4 hunters Set Daily Hunting Fee

Non–hunting/travel (arrival/departure) days
Airport shuttle (per vehicle max 6 people) Kimberly/Upington

Indemnity and liability

Everyone who hunts or visits Orange River Hunting & Safari’s, regardless of outfitters or agents, must sign an indemnity form provided by Orange River Hunting & Safari’s once the booking has been confirmed.

Daily rates include (applicable to hunting and non-hunting)

  • Services of professional hunter, tracker, skinners and hunting vehicles
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Delivery to taxidermy (Kimberley)
  • Government tax (VAT 15%)

Daily rates exclude (applicable to hunting and non-hunting)

  • Chartered flights to Orange River Hunting & Safari’s
  • Taxidermist fees
  • Gratuities to staff
  • Other personal trips & activities
  • Airport shuttle Kimberly or Upington airport

$31 – Rifle Hire Per Day

Fee paid by a hunter for the use of a rifle or gun of Orange River Hunting & Safari’s per day.

Ammunition charged per calibre

$46 – Shotgun Hire Per Day

Fee paid by a hunter for the use of a rifle or gun of Orange River Hunting & Safari’s per day.

$8 – Per Additional Box

Game Fees

Species Trophy Non-Trophy
Roan $2,748 $1,527
Sable $1,527 $916
Eland $1,221 M – $580 F – $366
Kudu $153/Inch Over 48″ M – $550 F – $275
Oryx (Gemsbok) $519 M – $257 F – $214
Blue Wildebeest $458 M – $244 F – $214
Red Hartebeest $428 M – $232 F – $183
Hartmann Mountain Zebra $397 F – $305
Burchell’s Zebra $366 F – $275
Springbuck $147 M – $86 F – $61
Waterbuck $916
Ostrich $214
Warthog $110 M – $61 F – $49
Impala Price on Request Price on Request
Blesbok Price on Request Price on Request
Nyala Price on Request Price on Request
Giraffe $1,527 F – $1,221

Wounded animals will be considered harvested, with 100% of animal/trophy price applicable as per pricelist.

Antelope Sizes Qualifying for Trophy Prices

Eland 30″ +
Kudu 48″ +
Oryx (Gemsbok) 38″ +
Blue Wildebeest 26″ +
Red Hartebeest 20″ +
Springbuck 15″ +
Warthog 10″ +

Winged hunting – P.O.R.

Guinea fowl
Sand grouse

Orange River Hunting & Safari’s welcomes you to a truly unique Kalahari experience.


Please note that due to the size and location of our resort, mobile and cell phone reception may not always be possible at the time of your call. Kindly send us a WhatsApp message or email via our website contact page for improved communication and messaging. Thank you.